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By collaborating with the leading producer of back protectors for motor cyclists, skiers and boarders the brand manufacturer Stübben has enlarged its product range by a back protector. It was our aim to develop an innovative back protector which, contrary to the presently available products on the equestrian market, offers high comfort and, at the same time, highly effective protection of the spine, which is exposed to the highest risk of injury. The Stübben back protector is a sandwich construction consisting of thermo-elastic foams Contrary to a traditional hard case protector, in a Stübben back protector the full impact of a crash is dissipated evenly across the whole area and the risk of spinal injuries is thus reduced to a minimum.

The Stübben back protector is certified according to motorcycle standards EN 1621-2 and has passed the so called Curbtest, the hardest of all quality standards, and the device has already won several comparative tests.

In recent tests a sensationally low residual energy value was measured: with 5.13 KN (central) it is far beneath the legally required level of 9 KN. The Stübben back protector absorbs up to 95% of the impact energy and thus offers the best protection values.

Maximum wearing comfort The sandwich structure of the Stübben back protector functions in a similar way as a crumple zone in a car.

Due to the influence of body heat the protector adjusts to the body contours and thus offers a safe fit and maximum wearing comfort. Due to its perfect fit and its low weight of 400- 1,000g it is comfortable and allows greatest possible freedom of movement.

The back protector covers the whole length of the spine and is available in many elastic unisex sizes. Because of its lightweight construction and simple vest-like cut it can be optimally combined with a riding jacket.

benefits at a glance: • CE-tested protection of the spine (according to motorcycle standard EN 1621-2, Level 2) • winner of several tests in motorcycle and alpine sports • highly effective protection for spine and tailbone • perfect fit due to thermo-elastic breathable foams in sandwich construction which under the influence of body heat adjust to the body contours • reduces injuries of the spinal area • maximum wearing comfort and optimal handling • allows maximum freedom of movement • suitable for all riders who want safe and comfortable protection for their back • can be optimally combined with a riding jacket • available in elastic unisex sizes for children and adults • easy to clean and washable.

Available sizes (unisex): Size XS: Spinal protection covering a length of: 50 cm Size S: Spinal protection covering a length of: 54 cm Size M: Spinal protection covering a length of: 58 cm Size L: Spinal protection covering a length of: 61 cm Size XL: Spinal protection covering a length of: 64 cm

Please note: When purchasing a Stübben back protector we recommend you try on the desired size to confirm that your spine is completely protected by the back plate.

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