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Slow Twist Eggbutt w/Full Cheeks

Slow Twist Eggbutt w/Full Cheeks



  • This Snaffle has full cheeks and a slow twist, single jointed mouthpiece.
  • Slow twist snaffles are more severe than regular, jointed snaffle bits.
  • The more twist in the bit, the more severe.
  • A slow twist bit may be useful for a horse that has become unresponsive to a regular snaffle bit, or when more control is required such as taking the horse out in company.
  • The full cheek prevents the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth.
  • Correctly used with fulmer keepers (sold separately), the mouthpiece cannot be turned over in the horse's mouth while at work.
  • Also, the full cheek provides more lateral control by creating light pressure on the horse's cheeks.