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Skye Park Blueline Neck Rug

Skye Park Blueline Neck Rug



The Skye Park Blueline summer range is a cotton/poly tearstop material in white with a navy tearstop thread, making it strong but still breathable and cool, with no "static zap", it is supplied standard with:
  • Genuine lambswool piece at the wither.
  • Reinforced shoulders.
  • Strong, adjustable PVC front fitting.
  • Adjustable soft webbing leg straps reinforced to the sheet with strong webbing patches.
  • Nylon quick release fittings (not brittle plastic).
  • Generous drop.
  • Neck rug/hood attachments.
  • Generous tail flap are standard on all rugs.
  • Neck rugs, Hoods and Combos all have satin mane protection and three quick release closures on neck.
  • Tail Bags are Satin line.