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Prestige X-Breath K Lux

Prestige X-Breath K Lux


The X-Breath Dressage is an innovative saddle that catches the eye with the large oval opening located in the centre of the seat.  This hole is intended to both help ventilation, resulting in a better air circulaion to cool both horse and rider, and relieving pressure on the coccyx.  The hole is covered with a special ultra elastic 3D material that increases the comfort of the seat.  A super and comfortable fit for horse and rider.

Available in Black or Tobacco Lux Leather in 16, 17 and 18".
Also available in Calfskin Leather for $5495.00
Trim Colour Gold/Silver/Bronze.
Wither sizes 29" to 37". Warehouse Stock sizes 33" and 34".
Other wither sizes available on Special Order.