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Prestige X-Advanced

Prestige X-Advanced


The X-Advanced Mono flap saddle was specifically designed and conceived for Cross Country. It offers the rider comfort and freedom of movement throughout the entire time on course. The cantle never interferes with the rider. The saddle guarantees excellent contact thanks to the narrow twist. The front blocks follow the anatomy of the leg and are placed on the knee pads, ensuring stability and safety. There are inserts in pansy leather on the back of the cantle, on the flaps stirrup leather keepers and on the channel between the panels, for a unique and attractive look. The anatomically shaped panels guarantee maximum freedom of movement for the trapezius muscles. The saddle is recommended for horses with normal or small withers.

"The Prestige X-Advanced Jump saddle is amazing. First off it's so, so light. The technology behind this saddle is incredible. It's so balanced on any horse and as soon as you sit in it you feel at home. The horses jump better in it because you feel so balanced and your weight is in all the right places." Megan Jones

Available in Black or Tobacco in Calfskin or Cognac in Lux sizes 16, 17 & 18".
Wither sizes 29" to 37".
Warehouse Stock wither sizes of 33" and 34".
Other wither sizes available on Special Order.