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Prestige Lucky Dressage Idol

Prestige Lucky Dressage Idol


DO YOU NEED A DRESSAGE SADDLE BUT YOU’RE ONLY YOUNG OR PETITE? THE PRESTIGE LUCKY DRESSAGE IDOL HAS BEEN METICULOUSLY CRAFTED JUST FOR YOU! The idea behind Prestige Lucky Dressage Idol was to meet the needs of the young rider, including providing proper support and ensure an ideal balanced position in the deep seat. The saddle is lined in soft bovine oiled leather to ensure comfort, grip and greater safety for the rider.  Changes to the tree have resulted in a narrower twist that gives the rider closer contact with their horse or pony.

Available in Black or Tobacco  in 16" only.  Wither sizes 29" to 37".

Warehouse Stock wither sizes of 33" and 34". 

Other wither sizes available on Special Order.