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Prestige Leather Oil 500ml

Prestige Leather Oil 500ml


Leather Oil gives the treated leather softness and ideal grip, thereby making your saddle comfortable and safe.

After purchasing your saddle, remember to constantly apply the "Leather Care Kit", our very own leather care product. A well hydrated saddle lasts longer.

Saddles used outdoors are vulnerable to the effects of the sun and rain in particular. Water hardens leather. Heat dries it. In both cases, saddles need rehydration with the use of specific balsams and nourishing oils, such as our very own "Prestige Leather Balsam" and "Prestige Leather Oil".

Sweat may also compromise saddle health. After each use it is important to leave leather to dry. Remember never to place the girth directly on the saddle surface, to prevent horse sweat from coming directly into contact with and damaging leather. Once the saddle is completely dry, always remember to apply a layer of "Prestige Leather Balsam" to prevent leather corrosion.