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Pessoa Tomboy Jump

Pessoa Tomboy Jump


Dark Brown

The Pessoa Tomboy has been created to break the classic stereotypes. It’s fitted with double padding on the knee-rolls for rider comfort. Adjustable thigh and kneeblocks ensure both the correct and most comfortable positioning of the rider’s leg. The Pessoa Tomboy is a show stopper and it’s not difficult to understand why when you touch the beautiful leather and sit in the semi deep seat which creates both balance and comfort.  Pessoa saddle trees are manufactured utilising strong and light-weight Carbon fibre material and shaped with your horse’s comfort front of mind plus allowing for close contact between horse and rider. Pessoa Tomboy has the X-Change System allowing the saddle gullet to be changed while your horse’s shape changes during the season and years. The saddle has AMS panels to provide a soft consistent layer to distribute pressure evenly for your horse’s comfort. Encourage your horse’s natural ability with a Pessoa Tomboy today.