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Pessoa Legacy Heritage Pro - Brown 17"

Pessoa Legacy Heritage Pro - Brown 17"



The Pessoa Heritage Pro has the technical characteristics you have come to expect from Pessoa.
Pessoa have drawn on all the saddle designs that they have produced over the years and incorporated all the best features from each one to produce the Heritage Pro.
This saddle has been made from specially selected leather to give the rider greater feel and comfort. This double leather saddle has been designed so that the maximum can be achieved by both the horse and the rider.
The extra grip of the saddle along with the front and rear blocks will give the rider greater leg stability and balance.
The Advanced Movement System Panels provide greater fit and comfort for the horse so he/she can perform at their best in order to help you achieve that winning feeling.

Pessoa Gullet Plate Widths:

  • Narrow,
  • Medium,
  • Medium Wide,
  • Wide,
  • Extra Wide or
  • Extra Extra Wide.

Sizes: 16½” 17” or 17½”.
Leather: Double European Leather.
Colours: Black or Dark Brown.
Warranty: Carbon Fibre Tree – 20 years.