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Oralx B-Complex 34gm

Oralx B-Complex 34gm


ORALX B-COMPLEX is a great way to give a horse the B-Group vitamins without the worry of powders being sifted out of the feed.  Amino acids and vitamin concentrates with added chelated minerals are combined in a paste form to enhance absorption into the horse's body.

The chelated minerals and vitamins in ORALX B-COMPLEX help maintain a high level of red blood cells, with the B-Complex assisting the transfer of oxygen from cell to cell.  As well, ORALX B-COMPLEX can aid the formation of co-enzymes for metabolism.

ORALX B-COMPLEX helps to stimulate a horse's appetite.  Used as a recovery paste, ORALX B-COMPLEX can assist in restoring your horse's form the day after a race or competition by replacing the lost B-group vitamins.

This product may be used weekly as a maintenance dose to assist in the prevention of B-Group deficiencies.


  • Administer the entire contents onto the back of the horses tongue.
  • Give two tubes weekly:
    • one tube 24 hours before racing or work and
    • one tube mid-week.
  • As an aid to recovery, give one tube after heavy work or a race.

Available in a 34g tube (single dose).