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Mattes Crescent Girth

Mattes Crescent Girth


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The Anatomic Girth

  • Measurements are take from buckle to buckle. Please allow 1" in comparison your normal girth due to the sheepskin.
  • The buckles are elasticised with a small amount of "give" to allow your horse to be comfortable without the girth being over tightened.
  • To best disperse and regulate pressure ideally you want the top of the girth as close as possible to the lower edge of your saddle flaps.
  • The Crescent shape is suitable for short backed/wider bodied horses. This shape helps stop the girth being pushed forward and holds the saddle back behind the shoulder and elbow, and helps eliminate galling.
  • We recommend to purchase a spare cover so you can "wash" and "wear".
Colour: Black with White Sheepskin
Size: 60, 65 & 70cm