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Malaseb Medicated Foam Shampoo

Malaseb Medicated Foam Shampoo



Malaseb Medicated Foam shampoo is an effective scientific solution formulated to cleanse and treat the skin and coat.  It's medicated property makes it an ideal solution for bacterial, fungal and yeast infections.  It destroys infective spores and common microorganisms that cause skin diseases in pets.

How it works?

Malaseb shampoo contains miconazole and chlorhexidine as the active ingredients. The anti-fungal nature of miconazole destroys all forms of fungi and yeast.  Chlorhexidine act as the antimicrobial agent that fights various types of disease-causing bacteria.  The combined effect of both the ingredients cleanses the skin of harmful microorganisms and treats it for scales, dermatitis symptoms, infections, seborrhoea etc. It prevents secondary infections and reduces itching and other skin problems.

Size: 250 & 500ml