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Lyddy Dry Cote 1lt

Lyddy Dry Cote 1lt


Product Description: Waterproofing for camping and outdoors. Impregnating silicone spray. Repels most water and oil-based stains. Recommended for light weight canvas, nylon and other fabrics. Dry Cote is colourless, evaporates quickly and will not stain.

Application: For ski clothing, lightweight tents, dry japara, parka jackets, rucksacks, awnings, tarpaulins, sporting clothing and equipment.

Instructions for use: Apply only to dry articles. On delicate materials always test treat a small area in an inconspicuous place. Dry Cote may be applied directly to the article by brushing or spraying.

Chemical Composition: Clear-drying water-repellant in a solvent base.