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Kohnkes Own Rediflex - 1kg

Kohnkes Own Rediflex - 1kg



  • Redi-Flex is a new total joint health supplement with a comprehensive list of joint-active ingredients. Redi-Flex has multiple actions to help joint health and function with an affordable cost per dose.
  • Redi-Flex was developed for over 2 years, including research trials with over 60 horses, from high performance horses to aged and arthritic horses.
  • Great results were obtained, including very positive benefits for improved training and performance as well as better joint health, function, flexibility and willingness to move. Redi-Flex also rated highly for palatability with a yummy banana flavouring that horses love!
  • Total Nutrition for Joint Health and Function
  • Building blocks of joint cartilage
  • Elasticity factors for joint collagen & ligaments
  • Antioxidants for replenished joint fluid
  • Anti-inflammatory compounds for joint structures
  • Nutritional support to fortify and repair joint damage