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KER B-Quiet

KER B-Quiet



Magnesium and thiamine supplement intended for horses of all ages.

B-QUIET provides concentrated levels of thiamine, an essential B vitamin, and magnesium. In hard-working horses or those on high-grain diets, production of thiamine by intestinal bacteria may be reduced because of stress and hind gut acidosis. Thiamine plays a vital role in carbohydrate metabolism and nerve transmission. Magnesium is needed by horses for proper synthesis of protein and digestion of starches, and its presence is necessary for hundred of enzymatic functions. When the levels of thiamine and magnesium fall below essential levels, horses may not perform their best.

B-QUIET is a nutrient-enriched paste for all classes of horses for use before and during competition.

  • Contains thiamine, an essential nutrient for carbohydrate metabolism and nerve transmission.
  • Includes magnesium, an important mineral for digestion and performance.
  • Is easy to administer using an oral syringe.