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Horze Natural Hair Small Body Brush

Horze Natural Hair Small Body Brush



  • Natural boar and horse hair
  • Soft black and white bristles
  • Elegant lacquered wooden back
  • Looped handle strap
  • This luxurious soft small body brush pampers your horse and completes your grooming job with ease.

Naturally soft pig and horse hair are packed in an elegant lacquered wood that provides durable support. Gentle and forgiving on the skin, this hard working blend is great for even the most sensitive skin. An elasticized hand loop is riveted in the wood for reinforcement, comfort, and long lasting use. A lightweight, narrow block makes brushing a cinch. Your horse will love this soft brush on their coat for a final touch. Lightweight, lacquered wooden base. Pig and horse hair. Length: 6 inches (15 cm).