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Shapley's Hi Shine Clarifying Shampoo 236ml

Shapley's Hi Shine Clarifying Shampoo 236ml


  • Powerful clarifying shampoo that gives a deep clean
  • Produces a rich, foamy lather that rinses out easily leaving no residue
  • Will leave the coat, mane and tail squeaky clean, shiny and manageable
  • Gentle enough to be used every day
  • Effectively removes M-T-G  and Oils
  • Use several good squirts into a bucket as you are adding water. Or  apply directly to tough stains, with a sponge.
  • Work into coat, mane and tail with a rubber comb or mitt.
  • Rinse off. And see the shine.
  • Avoid getting into eyes or noses.
  • Great for getting ORGINAL M-T-G and No1 & No2 Oils out of coat, mane and tails.
  • ALSO great for washing rugs!