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Good as Gold - Box of 10

Good as Gold - Box of 10


What does Good as Gold do?
  • Relaxes nervous or highly strung horses.
Why do I need it?
  • Allows usually unmanageable horses to be trained.
  • Stops the incidence of frequent injury to horse and/or rider by relaxing a nervous horse.
  • Allows for loading or unloading of horses from transport vehicles without agitating the horse.
  • Excellent for barrier rouges.
Why Good as Gold?
  • Contains high levels of L-Tryptophan and Vitamin E.
  • Is fast acting and effective.

How Much Do I Give?

  • 50g the night before competing.
  • (50g per 400kg of animal weight) or 100g for severe cases
  • 20g per day for continual use

How Long Do I Give It?

  • Throughout the horses’ training period &/or pre-competition, depending on the severity of the case