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Equivizor Solar Flymask

Equivizor Solar Flymask


The Equivizor Fly Mask is the most suitable solution for the constant issue of insect irritation to your beloved horse.  It is truly unique sitting up off the horses face, preventing folding onto the eye and ensuring greater comfort.  It is washable, durable and lightweight.

The Equivizor Fly Mask also offers a nose flap with an EVA liner for greater protection from the sun and ear covering for further fly protection.  Naturally, only UV proof PVC mesh is used in the construction of the Fly Mask.  A thick 3 mm, soft EVA lining on the underside offers maximum protection from the brow line to just above the eyes.

Additionally the EVA lining acts as a barrier against the heat of the sun while promoting a suitable level of airflow around the eye region, this soft EVA lining prevents laceration of the cornea, insulates the forehead and shades the eyes.  Three strategically located darts create a cantilever to lift the EVA liner and the outer mesh.