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Equivac S Strangles Vaccine 1ml

Equivac S Strangles Vaccine 1ml


Equivac® S Strangles Vaccine is a cell free extract of the Streptococcus equi organism used in the control of strangles.

Key Features:

  • Convenient owner-administered protection of horses against this serious disease
  • Convenient single dose syringe presentation

Equivac® S Strangles Vaccine is of value only in the control of infection due to Streptococcus equi. (For control only: no value in the treatment of strangles).
Pregnant mares may be vaccinated up to 2 weeks before foaling.
By maintaining a regular vaccination program animals will retain a high level of circulating antibodies that will reduce the likelihood of a strangles outbreak occurring.
Vaccination against strangles should be included as a part of every horse's vaccination program.
The Equivac® range of vaccines is available from your veterinarian or most saddleries and feed stores.