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Decron Hoof Gel/Pad Kit

Decron Hoof Gel/Pad Kit


The Decron Hoof Gel Pad has been developed by leading international farriers, veterinarians, trainers and horsemen whose responsibility it is to manage hoof problems, alleviate pain and get horses back into training and competition as quickly as possible. Faced with the cost, time, frustrations and disappointments that invariably accompany conditions of the hoof, they knew there ‘had to be a better way’.

The science behind the Decron Hoof Gel Pad has developed over many years. To find the best possible system for managing hoof injuries, infections, cracks and wall problems, bruised soles, and white line disease; research, development and clinical testing was undertaken in collaboration with some of the world’s most successful and demanding trainers in a range of challenging environments.

The Decron Hoof Gel Pad provides the secrets to managing hoof problems in a simple, easy-to-use system.