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Bates Wide Dressage
Bates Wide Dressage
Bates Wide Dressage

Bates Wide Dressage


The Bates WIDE Dressage saddle is a cutting edge dressage saddle specially designed for your wider horse. The performance driven deep seat delivers an unsurpassed level of comfort and contact never previously experienced in a WIDE saddle. 

The new deep seat and ultra-narrow waist enables you to sit more into the saddle to support a well-balanced and central position, while the innovative features ensure saddle stability and comfort for your wider dressage horse.


Adjustable Flexibloc system | Moulded knee inserts | Deeper seat | Drop panel points | Quilted panel points


Heritage Leather (Opulence & Luxe Leather available at Additional Price)

Weight: Approximately 7 kg/15.4 lb