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Amigo BugBuster Vamoose

Amigo BugBuster Vamoose


The Amigo BugBuster Vamoose benefits from the same great rug fit but with an upgrade on the neck rug to give additional depth and length. 

Features include:

  • Classic double front closure                                                         
  • Triple straight surcingles to close over the Extra Belly Protection
  • Patented Vamoose technology for superior fly protection - permethrin-based fly repellent impregnated into the open-weave knitted mesh fabric
  • Detachable neck cover with silky mane liner included                         
  • Silky shoulder lining
  • Ultra breathable
  • Patented front leg arches for fantastic freedom of movement for the shoulders   
  • Super-sized tail flap
  • Available in Silver with Navy trim.